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  • IT Consulting

    Let us help you meet your project’s objectives in the best possible way.

  • Social Media

    Harness your potential to find leads, increase sales and improve branding through the fast paced world of social media.

  • Mobile APPs

    We are a one stop shop for All kind of Mobile Apps Development.

  • Web & Enterprise Software

    We’ll build and customize web and enterprise solutions to enhance the performance of your organization, and cut down your operational costs as well.

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Each employee is a unique individual and the strengths and weaknesses of each must be taken into account when forming a team. Assign specific roles to those who are the most capable of handling them, and make sure that each role and what is expected of each individual team player is made clear.

Monitor a team's progress to ensure that each member is comfortable in his position and is carrying out his tasks promptly and efficiently. Every team should have a manager or leader who reports to superiors and is responsible for the team and its progress.


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Uthayan - Media Industry

Uthayan(one of the famous media industry in Sri Lanka) intended our software systems and IT Solutions to reinforce their business performances.

19 May 2017 4

Unimax - Business Organization

In 2016, we got the opportunity to work with one of the leading business organization, called Unimax in Jaffna.

2 March 2016 4

Juli Reception - Hotel

We provided with the best website equipped with social media integration, device responsive, clear navigation and all advanced security features in it.

6 March 2017 4


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Our IT Solution can help you generate more customer, increase sales, enhance your professional "BRAND" and helping you get more leads and prospects.

  • Fortan9 is simple,fast and affordable.
  • We develop and design the System with a professional design.
  • We offer customized user friendly Engineering design and solution.

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Client Opinions & Reviews

  • Uthayan is one of the famous media industry in Sri Lanka. Fortan9 is our great software partner. They help us generate our popularity and increase the customers. Fortan9 team is a part of our success.

  • Our software partner Fortan9 is very creative and unique. They help us to increase our professional "BRAND" and maintain our system with advanced security features. Here, we thank them for partnering with us.

  • We are one of the leading business organization, called VIGIR in Norway. Fortan9 helps us accelarate our business through their software services and e-com webbased system.They always work under the time schedule.